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About Us

HPfid leverages our unique expertise surrounding healthcare transparency and fiduciary compliance to empower plan sponsors to become proactive purchasers of healthcare.

HPfid is all about helping benefit teams and advisors navigate the hidden fiduciary risks of health plan sponsorship and build strategies to protect plan assets and fiduciaries. Our team of compliance experts helps HR professionals, C-suite Executives, and benefit teams quickly and easily activate a CAA compliance process and meet compliance requirements. With HPfid, you’ll have the tools and expert guidance needed to comply, and make sure you get it right.

We are an independent firm, free from the agendas of large healthcare companies and are passionate about making a difference in healthcare. We believe in the benefits of transparency and strive to operate with openness and accountability. Our revenue model is simple, we provide subscription-based access to tools, resources, and expert guidance designed to educate and equip health plan sponsors to complete their fiduciary responsibilities, achieve compliance with CAA, and find savings in their health plans. Why? Because Activated Fiduciaries pay less for healthcare.

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Our compliance tools and experts are trusted by the country’s leading employers and benefit advisors. See how HPfid can solve your CAA compliance and educational needs.