The CAA is Good News for brokers and consultants

The CAA will unlock data and transparency to enable efficient market forces of supply and demand to restore the relationship between cost, price, and value in healthcare.
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In the era of transparency, Benefit Advisors are more important than ever before

CAA and Healthcare Data will play a major role in benchmarking, identifying, and uncovering layers of unnecessary costs. Brokers are in a position to help their clients using new tools, new legislation, and data to guide their benefit design strategies. Those benefit advisors who understand and unlock the CAA as a strategy are poised to thrive.

A trusted partner

HPfid is an independent, trusted partner of benefit advisors. We focus solely on providing CAA Compliance solutions and strategies to help you protect your clients and grow your firm in the new era of transparency. HPfid provides resources to benefit advisors that complement (not replace) your existing services.

HPfid can reduce the burden of CAA on brokers and advisors

Brokers have an obligation to educate and help clients with CAA compliance. HPfid can reduce the effort required by providing education, tools, and technical support. HPfid is the most efficient way to provide the best CAA compliance support.