HPfid Playbook for Self-Insured Employers

Your Fiduciary Solution from HPfid

What you will find below is directly what you can use as your CAA Fiduciary Process. Some of this is required under the CAA. We also include optional items that are strongly encouraged. We often promote how you can ‘pay less for healthcare’, well that comes as a result of getting your data, understanding what is driving your costs, and making decisions to reduce your claims costs – often while increasing quality of care.

HPfid Complete Tools and Assets:

As part of the value of your membership in HPfid Complete, you have access to valuable support, resources and tools:

  • Document Templates is the source for letter templates and much more. This will continue to grow.
  • Document Library for securely storing your documentation of your fiduciary activities.
  • Fiduciary Forums for asking, learning, and sharing with your fellow Health Care Fiduciaries in HPfid Complete moderated by HPfid.
  • Glossary Learn the lingo and know the actors. Highly recommended to review our HPfid health care benefits Glossary.
  • Resources is an ever-growing list of legal cases, key government websites, and more. Check back for new additions to this valuable asset list.
  • FAQ is, well you know, Frequently Asked Questions. Check it out!
  • Live Chat directly with the HPfid team for CAA Questions – Be sure to search the Forums first but hit us up on chat when you need help. Chat is on the bottom-right of every HPfid.com page.
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This content is for Self-Insured Playbook members only.
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