A friend of mine once said, what he admires about me most, is how, even if no one is looking, I do the right thing. I also hope this is true as a father, as it’s an aspiration of mine to teach and instill this value in my children.


The healthcare industry is full of people who are trustworthy, and sadly a sizable number of people who aren’t. The team at HPfid is made up of people who have either built, run,  or led organizations and teams, while making mistakes along the way, to fully appreciate how important trust is. We fully attribute our success to integrity, transparency and telling the truth no matter what. 


As for anyone wishing to engage us, it’s absolutely paramount and it cannot be overstated how important this decision is for you. It’s especially important when choosing something as important as a CAA compliance partner to guide you through an important, high- stakes event such as complying with new health plan fiduciary rules in the new era of transparency and accountability. 


We pledge to our clients and partners that we will do the right thing no matter what and we will put our best foot forward to be your guide and win your trust in every experience you encounter with our services and team. 


We’re on a mission to fix a broken system, not to profit on a broken system. 

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