New Playbooks and Lower Pricing!


We’re excited to share product updates on our new Playbooks and pricing plans for our CAA Compliance Solutions. At HPfid we are striving to make CAA compliance easy and low-cost.


As we approach the deadline for compliance and attestation by December 31, 2023, we understand the importance of having robust solutions in place. That’s why we’ve revamped our offerings and pricing to offer you even more value and ease in achieving compliance.


We heard from clients that they wanted to get right to the solutions and tools for compliance, and how important it is to have products that match the type of health benefits plan each has. Specifically, the funding methodology directly affects the compliance steps and expectations. We are excited to now offer the following Playbooks: 

HPfid still offers all the great education in Educate and Activate. These are included when you join a Playbook and are available on-demand and as a course.


Educate offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including the CAA 2023 Executive Summary, HPfid Fiduciary Risk Assessment, CAA Training Videos, and a comprehensive glossary of key terms. Stay informed with resources from the best source of CAA Compliance Education for employers and brokers. 


Knowledge is powerful, but action is transformative. Our Activate plan, priced at $99.00 annually, includes everything in the Educate plan, plus training on the fiduciary process, accessing data, and benchmarking. Achieve HPfid Fiduciary Certification and participate in ATA Webinars – Ask Tony Anything. It’s the next step in your journey towards comprehensive compliance. 


Our three Playbooks each cover the key elements of CAA compliance and are a full solution. Each is tailored to your needs based on funding type. The effort required, and the value received, is greater for those with Self-Insured, aka Self-Funded, plans. Rest assured, each playbook addresses your needs including Gag Clause Compliance and Attestation. 

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