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The CAA clock is ticking!

  • Every employer with a health plan must activate and document a fiduciary process, by 12/31/2023, and they don’t know how.
  • Penalties are $100 per day, per employee and,
  • exposure to employee lawsuits.
  • HPfid offers everything a plan sponsor needs to manage a compliant fiduciary process in three easy steps.

Activated Fiduciaries Pay Less for Health Care

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) mandates a fiduciary process be implemented for employer sponsored Health Plans. Employers must perform specific assessments, and submit documents to the government and attest that they have done so. The enactment of the CAA empowers plan sponsors to take control of their fiduciary responsibilities…as well as their plan costs.

Your Health Plan Fiduciary Guide

With over 30 years of ERISA and state compliance expertise, we’ll show you how to uncover fees and hidden costs within agreements that may be costing your business and participants, help you develop a process to proactively monitor plan administration to avoid fiduciary failures and legal action, and guide you through a simple process to achieve health plan fiduciary compliance.

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